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Standing Out From The Crowd

There are numerous ways of creating websites nowadays. You can use website page builders like WordPress, SquareSpace, or Wix. There are freelancers and agencies that can make one for you. And with enough time and effort, you can even make one yourself.

However, not all methods of website creation are created equal. You can have a good looking website, but will it bring you the results you need? Will it show up on the first page of Google search results?

Websites are akin to cars on a racing track. Just as looks alone won't get it to first place, the appearance of a website will only get it so far. What matters greatly is what's under the hood. To win the race, every part of the website needs to be exceptional.

There are several key factors that contribute to the overall success of the website. Neglecting even one can set it back significantly. That is why we don't cut corners to take shortcuts. We address each and every factor with the outmost diligence.

Because at the end of the day, our websites needs to deliver results that matter, and we do that by out performing our competitors, and give you an edge over yours.

Websites Done Differently

We take great pride in our work not only because no drag-and-drop page builder can compete with us, but also because we truly love what we do. Our hand-coded approach allows us to have absolute control over the websites performance to its appearance, and the results speak for themselves.

Designing & Developing with a Purpose

A website is an indispensable asset for any business in today's digital age. It helps legitimizes your business in the eyes of your clients, it acts as an information page, and lastly it acts as a tool that helps your business grow.

When we build your website, we do it with a purpose of creating something that will have a positive snowball effect. Something that works for you in the background, while you work on your business upfront.

A successful website is a sum of all its parts, and it's done by making the website informative, engaging, and correctly optimized for google search engine and users experience.

Prioritizing Mobile Experience

In 2015 about 30% of all internet traffic was accessed through mobile devices, in 2017 it reached 51%, and today that number is over 60%. When Google noticed this trend they developed a set of web guidelines known as "mobile-first indexing."

What this means is that Google now prioritizes websites that are mobile-friendly first when determining a website's search ranking. If the website is not mobile-friendly Google even imposes penalties up on it, lowering its overall ranking score.

We make sure your website will never face that problem, not only by making your website look and functions great on mobile devices, but also across all screen sizes and devices.

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Websites Loading Speed Matter

Think back to when you tried to access a slow loading website on your phone. Did you wait for it to load or did you leave all together? That is know as bounce rate in the tech industry.

When a website doesn't load within the first 3 seconds, it lose 20%-30% of traffic and it gets much worse with every second after that. Not only does it effect user experience, but it is also one of Google ranking metrics.

That is why we hand code our sites, because that's the best way to achieve the fastest loading speeds possible. No drag-and-drop page builder can compete with what we have to offer.